Why Live Support is Absolutely Necessary During a Zoom/Live-cast Funeral

Live-cast, live-stream, virtual or online interviews, webinars and meetings are being used a lot more now because of COVID.

But live-cast technologies are not perfect.

Live-casting requires internet access and sometimes the internet can go out or disconnect, or the live-cast service can freeze-up, or user errors can occur or a myriad of other problems can occur.

This is why especially for funerals, live-support is necessary for casting services.

Just turn on the television or cable and you’ll see many times how even media professionals have problems with their telecasts using live-streams.

This is why it’s good to use ZoomFunerals.com when live-streaming your services. In addition to being there to solve casting problems while they occur, we also complete several other tasks to have your live-casts live up to the expectations of your families.

Like live TV shows, funeral homes need a producer for their live funeral services.

Let ZoomedFunerals.com be your funeral home’s producer. To find out all that we do to make your services special, please contact us at 404-692-0638.


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