Official Launch of Black Morticians – The City Hall for Funeral Directors Serving African-American Families

Black Morticians is so excited to finally announce the launch of our new website!

What is Black Morticians?

Black Morticians is the city hall for funeral directors serving African-American families.

Black Morticians is about 3 things: Provide a networking platform, provide relevant news and provide resources for funeral directors.

For example, let’s say you have to ship a body to Meridian, MS and you don’t know any funeral homes there. Well, you can go on and search Meridian and you’ll find two funeral homes in our database that you can work with (Enterprise Funeral Home and E. E. McDonald Funeral Home)!

What does Black Morticians want from you?

  1. We would like for you to search for your funeral home on our website to make sure it is listed. If it is, we want you to send us pictures of your funeral home, logo, staff, vehicles and any other relevant images to complete your listing.
  2. If you have relevant news to share with our funeral director community, let us know so that we can promote it!
  3. If you have suppliers that you think would be good for other funeral homes, send us their contact information so that we can include them in our website/directory.

We call Black Morticians a “City Hall for Funeral Directors” because we want to be THE resource for funeral directors serving African-Americans.

There is NEVER a charge to have a listing on Black Morticians. We may charge a nominal amount (no more than $100) for featuring funeral homes, but that’s it.

Lastly, how does Black Morticians expect to be profitable?

Black Morticians is confident that through Suppliers primarily and Featured Funeral Homes, we will be able to keep the website up. 

It’s that simple.

Please visit, verify if you’re listed or not and send us content for us to inform your colleagues of your funeral home.

Thank you so much and please support this effort! BLACK MORTICIANS NEEDS YOU!!


When death occurs

If you need the service of a funeral director, please search for one in our listings.